Social Justice
The Boss Mentorship League
A program that nurtures the personal and professional growth of young individuals by connecting them with seasoned industry leaders to inspire, guide, and empower their career journeys.
Economic Prosperity
Financial Empowerment
& Gigs
Palscity Foundation hosts a visit and receives recognition from the top USAID officials at our offices in Westlands.
Economic Prosperity
Vijana Na Biashara
This expo is a vibrant platform celebrating young entrepreneurs by showcasing their innovative products, services, and ideas, offering them valuable visibility and broad recognition.
Environmental Responsibility
The Palscity Environmental
A countrywide initiative fostering community, innovation, and empowerment. By promoting sustainability through tree planting and efficient resource allocation, it serves as a model for collective action nationwide, embracing a greener future.
Cultural Vitality
Sherehekea Uzee Festival
A program for the elderly, held at the tranquil and nature-inspired Camp Seyalan. It offers a unique opportunity for seniors to connect with their peers, share relatable stories, joke together, and free their minds while relaxing in the spa and swimming pools.
Environmental Responsibility
Team Go Green Go Crazy
Join us to make our city greener and more sustainable through education, collaboration, and innovation.
Environmental Responsibility
The Beach Cleanup
We come together to protect our oceans from storm debris, prevent pollution, and safeguard marine life on International Beach Cleaning Day every Year


Palscity Foundation

Palscity Foundation' advocates for the utilization of collective approaches, resource mobilization, and implementation of sound socio-economic policies. These efforts are aimed at liberating humanity from the shackles of ignorance and poverty.

To promote the dignity and empowerment of the vulnerable for a balanced, cohesive and vibrant society through our Six Pillars.

  • Economic Prosperity


  • Environmental Responsibility

  • Political Goodwill

  • Cultural Vitality

  • Social Justice

  • Religious Stewardship


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To promote the dignity and empowerment of the vulnerable for a balanced, cohesive and vibrant society through our Six Pillars.
Palscity Foundation aims to drive sustainable development by promoting collective approaches, resource mobilization, and sound socio-economic policies.

Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Palscity & Palscity Foundation

Palscity is a social media site running under Palscity.com, Palcity Foundation is an NGO that connects Leaders and Change Makers on Palscity who wants to change and impact lives. We seek funding from Partners and donations and run programs across.

How can I become a Member?

Start by reading the Palscity Foundation constitution. The simnple click the Register button and fill in your details. Pay the membership FEE and you will be given a Membership number. With that now you are a member as per the Constitution. Being a member gives you a chance to be of the programs of your interest.

How Can I Donate

Each Pillar has programs under it. Simply select the program based on your Interest and Donate on it. Every single payment is always useful in changing and impacting on lives. We will always be accountable to all donations to ensure the reach their Intended objectives.

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