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This program is aimed at rewarding good content creators. Palscity Celebrates 978 transactions in 5 months from it’s Rewards aimed at creating 1m job opportunities yearly through the Affiliates Empowerment Program. This program has been running since 2021 and rewards 100 people weekly.

Some of the Ways in which you can Earn are:

  1. REFERRALS – Palscity pays you Kshs. 10 per user you refer into and joins Palscity. Pick your referral link from here: https://palscity.com/setting/affiliates Copy it share on your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, SMS your contacts, family, friends.
  2. BEATPALSCITYCEO: You also stand a chance to earn KShs. 1,000 end month for #BeatPalscityCEO campaign. See race here: https://palscity.com/setting/referral-campaign
  3. INFLUENCER TRENDING CONTEST – Join our trending team in trending and get paid per trend that has trended. Join our teams on both Pslscity and Twitter trends.
  4. Oracom Group – Palscity mother company: Earn 10% commission on:
    i. Bulk SMS https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=8
    ii. Web Design https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=11
    iii. Domain & Hosting https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=21
    iv. Digital Marketing Training – https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=12
    v. Digital Marketing Services Agency: https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=9
    vi. Web Redesign & Maintenance: https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=13
    vii. Photography & video: https://clients.orawebhost.com/cart.php?gid=15
  5. OraDMT: Train and Earn 75% from our topic of experience www.oradmt.com
  6. Palscity Marketplace – Mybigorder Ecommerce
    i) Create Referal account: https://mybigorder.com/affiliate
    ii) Wait for your account to be approved, you can chat to make it faster.
    iii) Refer seller give them the code. Register them here: https://mybigorder.com/shops/create
  7. Vendor/Seller Recruitment referrals Kshs. 100 per seller/referral.
  8. You can also give buyers/customers your code to buy, you earn Commission from the sale. Download App https://play.google.com/store/….apps/details?id=com.
  9. Earn 15% commission on Palscity Business Awards https://kibva.com/ and www.keonline.biz
  10. Download the Uber-like On Demand Service providers App start receiving service requests as a service provider: https://play.google.com/store/….apps/details?id=com.
  11. For Delivery Service providers registered, you can also use https://play.google.com/store/….apps/details?id=com.delivery
  12. Buy and order end month supermarket and we deliver: https://mybigorder.com/supermarket (End month free Delivery every 5th for deliveries within Nairobi https://mybigorder.com/supermarket
  13. Earn from and be part of our Promoting Locàl Brands Intercounty Marketplaces https://mybigorder.com/market-places/ke
  1. We are a Social Media site just like Facebook & Twitter, unlike them, we pay you when you post, like, comment, blog and refer users. This week’s top Earner is Dúñ mñyòñgé dé mæsk = 12,310.00 (referals) – check full payment list here: https://docs.google.com/spread….sheets/d/1eA2Wq32Mw_

    Join our Affiliates WhatsApp Group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/G7nhyjMyk7bJHUqtO7xJQp

    Payments are however declined when:
    1. You create fake users to earn or create an account on behalf of another person.
    2. You create a copy pasted blog with plagiarism. Always edit paragraph 1 and last. Must be a quality blog.
    3. Your post are not quality content. Make it real, make it good interactive quality content, use different media types, use hashtags and captions. Can be moments, jokes, educative, quotes, FAQs, videos, pictures, audio, latest news updates etc.
    4. You comment on your posts, your comments are always short, repetitive, irrelevant and not making sense. Make it real and engaging.
    5. When you post marketing links, promotional money money sites links.

    Withdrawals requests are made latest Wednesdays, Thursday is verification and Friday is payment day.

    What to do when your payment is declined, reply to the decline email. Clean your account before you make your next payment.

    Sadly: We decline for even a single spamming post or mistake because this platform stands for great and amazing content.

    We also have posts, comment and likes hourly limits between 5-50 hourly posts, comments, likes based on your previous quality content score. But even past the limit you can still post but you are not paid.

    Points should give you money over time. No other social media platform pays for this so do not abuse it because it may frustrate you.

    We have now doubled points for posts, comments and likes and a robot checks spamming posts and will decline during payment day.

    What should motivate you more is the fact that you are part of Africa 1st social media site to compete the giants. It means you believe in local Innovations and when Palscity grows bigger, there will be more better opportunities for all of us. Do you believe in dreaming? Let’s dream together to Connect, Share & Discover.

    Tips our top referrers use:
    – they join groups, pages on Facebook groups, WhatsApp groups, Telegram, by searching them on the internet.
    – They compose a message explaining about Palscity and it’s benefits and DM them.
    – Ask them to join Palscity to support local.
    – Reminding them on DM asking if they joined to support you.
    – Tell them how they will also benefit after joining.
    – Do not lie to them, spread false info.
    – You can use the screenshot to show them as proof.

    Morning/Afternoon/Evening/Hi/Hallo {choose a salutation}. My name is {put your name}. I am part of Palscity ~ Kenya/Africa’s 1st social media platform just like Facebook, twitter etc. This platform rewards you when you post, comment, like and refer a user. I do this to support this local dream. It’s offered job opportunities especially during this Covid period by people earning from it. Kindly use my link {your referral link}. You can also choose to earn like our top person this week earned 12k a week.

    Once you have joined, let me know I add you to the affiliates WhatsApp group where you learn more and start earning as well. We also have Kshs. 1,000 for a campaign called #BeatPalscityCEO

    Some of the benefits are:
    1. You grow your network ~ which is your worth
    2. Some of its top features are marketplace, jobs, pages, groups, chats, hashtags, fund raise, affiliates, albums, events, blogs, forums, explore, movies, games, experts enquiries.
    3. You support local talent/innovation/dreams and believe in Africa can do it.
    4. You earn some money, get empowered economically.
    5. We also have other opportunities you can join for leadership and mentorship based on your interest eg Country Chapters, County, Constituency, Ward volunteers aimed to give back to the society through the Palscity Foundation.
    6. Other ways you can earn are through:

Palscity & Scam statement. We believe social media should reward. We make money through in app adverts and pro Membership, commission from Partner Affiliates Referals, Merchandise sale.
Palscity is free for all, no deposits.

These video links are useful:
1. Promo: https://youtu.be/vP9xOhWstQM
2. City Guide: https://youtu.be/QgJvwWXRI_o
3. Palscity Founder on TV: https://youtu.be/a4CZmENp210
4. Palscity Marketplace Pitch: https://youtu.be/3JLEv5v8nSo
5. Palscity Business program: https://youtu.be/tknXSxH5XDg
6. Quick Affiliates how to Earn: https://youtu.be/l-E0yPF4ToM
6. Guide on Blogging: https://youtu.be/BNw8jmWqv94
7. Palscity Foundation Beach Cleanup: https://youtu.be/9Y4gLS0gLtM
8. Vlogger: https://youtu.be/lvQP59fmO3s
Among others.
9. Bitange Ndemo: https://youtu.be/y1ihZQwpriw
10. National Youth Council: https://youtu.be/LxoS4Bc5_Xg
11. Youth Agenda: https://youtu.be/48HfHzoNMxM

Support & chat: www.help.palscity.com

– Get creative with it, put in your language, localise based on the country of the person you are referring, make it short and conversational. It can take you 1-3 hours to refer 50 people.

Always brand yourself Palscity to make people trust you more. Pick and buy a merchandise here: https://mybigorder.com/shop/Pa….lscity-Merchandise-2

Being part of Palscity makes you a Palscitian under the banner #WeThePalscitians #PalscityToTheWorld #Palscitian

Palscity ~ Connect, Share, Discover opportunities nearby.

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