Jul 08 2024

Empowering Leaders: Palscity Foundation Hosts Inaugural Leadership Program in Nairobi

On Saturday, July 6th, the Palscity Foundation took a significant step forward in its mission to support and develop business leaders through its Business Support Training & Workshops program. The event, held in Nairobi, marked the launch of the foundation’s first leadership program, setting a precedent for future initiatives aimed at empowering leaders across the country.

The main speaker for the event was none other than Mr. Alphonce Juma, the esteemed CEO of Oracom Group. Known for his insightful approach to digital marketing and leadership, Mr. Juma delivered an inspiring keynote address that resonated deeply with the attendees. His expertise and experience set the tone for a day of learning, growth, and collaboration.

The event saw a strong turnout, with 30 dedicated leaders attending in person. Their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn were palpable, creating an atmosphere of curiosity and engagement. This eagerness was so profound that the event, initially scheduled for a set duration, was extended by an additional two hours to accommodate the wealth of questions and discussions from the attendees.

One of the highlights of the program was the free 360 Digital Marketing workshop, specifically designed for the Nairobi ‘Business Support Training & Workshops’ Program leaders. This comprehensive training provided attendees with the latest strategies and tools in digital marketing, equipping them with the skills needed to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape. The workshop was both inspiring and aspiring, leaving participants motivated to implement what they had learned in their respective organizations.

The success of this inaugural leadership program is a testament to the commitment and vision of the Palscity Foundation. The foundation plans to continue this momentum by establishing leadership structures in every county, ensuring that more leaders can benefit from such enriching experiences. The next stop could be your county, as the foundation aims to reach and impact as many aspiring leaders as possible.

In conclusion, the Palscity Foundation’s first leadership program was a resounding success. With the guidance of industry experts like Mr. Alphonce Juma and the enthusiasm of engaged participants, the foundation is poised to make significant strides in leadership development across Kenya. Stay tuned for more updates as Palscity Foundation continues its journey of empowerment and growth.


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