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This Financial Literacy Program workshop aims to empower our valued Palscitians, Friends and the General Public with the tools and insights needed to make informed financial decisions and plan for a stable financial future. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting on your financial journey, this event offers something for everyone.

The Palscity Foundation, in collaboration with Palscity Sacco, is launching a nationwide Financial Literacy Program Workshop across all counties in Kenya. This initiative aims to empower individuals and communities with essential financial skills and knowledge. The workshop covers a wide range of topics including online gigs, funding, digital marketing, environmental hubs, proposal writing, and county marketplaces. With a diverse target audience including investors, individuals, companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and WhatsApp/Facebook group admins, the program offers something for everyone seeking to enhance their financial literacy and capability. 


The program aims to empower individuals and communities across all counties in Kenya by providing them with essential financial skills and knowledge, enabling them to make informed decisions and achieve financial stability. Secondly, it seeks to ensure accessibility to financial education by reaching a diverse audience from various backgrounds and geographical locations. Thirdly, the program aims to enhance participants’ abilities in financial management, investment, marketing, and entrepreneurship through practical training and interactive sessions. Additionally, it aims to facilitate networking opportunities for participants to connect with potential investors, collaborators, and mentors within the Palscity network. Ultimately, the program endeavors to foster a sustainable culture of financial literacy and responsibility, contributing to long-term economic empowerment and community development in Kenya.

They include:

  1. Nationwide Workshops: Conducting workshops in various counties across Kenya to reach a diverse audience and provide access to financial education.
  2. Workshop Content: Delivering comprehensive training sessions on topics such as online gigs, funding opportunities, digital marketing strategies, environmental initiatives, proposal writing skills, and leveraging county marketplaces.
  3. Targeted Audience Engagement: Tailoring workshop content to address the specific needs and interests of different groups, including investors, individuals, companies, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and WhatsApp/Facebook group admins.
  4. Registration and Attendance Management: Facilitating registration processes to ensure participation and manage attendance for both physical and online sessions.
  5. Virtual Participation: Providing the option for virtual attendance via Zoom to accommodate participants who are unable to attend in person, thereby maximizing accessibility.

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