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What is the Old is Gold Program?

The Old is Gold program is a heartfelt initiative that takes us on a nostalgic journey back to our roots. This program is dedicated to celebrating and preserving the rich heritage and traditions that shaped our childhood and brought us together as a community.

Together we delves into the cultural practices and values that shaped our communities, the traditional dishes that nourished us, and the modes of transportation that connected us to one another.


Old is Gold pays tribute to the traditional farming techniques and agricultural practices that sustained us. The program also includes other activities such as storytelling sessions, traditional music and dance performances, and exhibitions of historical artifacts and crafts. Through these activities, we aim to preserve and celebrate the traditions that continue to influence and enrich our lives today.


By engaging with these memories and traditions, the “Old is Gold” program not only honors our past but also fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation among younger generations. It creates a bridge between the old and the new, ensuring that the wisdom, skills, and values of our ancestors are not lost but continue to inspire and guide us in the present and future. Join us in cherishing the past and drawing inspiration from the enduring legacy of our shared heritage.

Through these activities, the “Old is Gold” program aims to foster a deep appreciation for our past, ensuring that the wisdom and traditions of our ancestors continue to enrich our lives and guide future generations.


1. Storytelling Sessions
– Elders and community members share personal stories and folktales that reflect our cultural heritage and childhood experiences.


2. Traditional Games and Activities
– Recreate and participate in traditional games and activities that were popular during our childhood, fostering a sense of nostalgia and community.


3. Cultural Festivals and Gatherings
– Organize festivals and communal gatherings that celebrate traditional customs, rituals, and the communal spirit that brought people together.


4. Culinary Workshops
– Conduct workshops to teach and share recipes of traditional dishes, preserving the culinary heritage and promoting intergenerational cooking skills.


5. Transportation Exhibitions
– Display historical modes of transportation and provide interactive experiences to showcase how mobility has evolved within the community.


6. Farming Demonstrations
– Host demonstrations of traditional farming techniques and practices, highlighting the agricultural heritage and sustainable methods used by our ancestors.


7. Music and Dance Performances
– Arrange performances of traditional music and dance, celebrating the artistic expressions that are integral to our cultural identity.


8. Historical Artifacts and Crafts Exhibitions
– Exhibit historical artifacts, crafts, and tools that reflect the craftsmanship and daily life of the past, offering a tangible connection to our heritage.


9. Mentorship Programs
– Create mentorship opportunities where elders mentor younger generations, sharing their knowledge, skills, and life lessons.


10. Heritage Preservation Workshops
– Conduct workshops focused on the importance of preserving cultural heritage, teaching techniques for documenting and safeguarding traditions.


11. Community Engagement Projects
– Initiate projects that encourage community participation in preserving and celebrating cultural heritage, such as oral history projects or community art installations.

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